Bluetooth Receipt Printing


Be professional and offer your customers a receipt. Whether your customers are paying cash or credit, you can print to a portable mini 58mm receipt printer that fits in the palm of your hand

The first and only printer Clickforadeal acquired for bluetooth printing was a POS-5805DD. It worked perfectly from the get go and is very in-expensive, so we highly recommend it.

As you can see from the Amazon links below, there are five printers that look identical and just like the one above. I believe they are all made by the same company, and then other companies put their name on it. I mean look at them, they are all the same. And whats really funny is the one I ordered is no longer available. Irregardless, any Bluetooth printer should work. Just thought we should point this one out because it works great and is in-expensive.

You will also need an App on your portable device to handle printing. We suggest Bluetooth Print from Mate technology. Why? because it worked the first time!