Greenacres Bargain Shed

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Greenacres Bargain Shed has an affiliate-ship with Amazon which enables me to show you like items available from Amazon. It can be used as a price comparison tool with Greenacres Bargain Shed or if you prefer the Amazon item, just click on the Amazon item and it will take you directly to Amazon to purchase that item.

OK, Why would you want to do that when you could just go to directly to Amazon yourself.

To be 100% honest, Greenacres Bargain Shed will get a small percentage of the sale FROM Amazon for bringing them a sell. It does not affect your price or shipping, and is completely seamless and invisible to you “other than this statement”. Once you click the link it takes you directly to Amazon along with Greenacres Bargain Shed's Amazon credentials, so Amazon can pay me as well.

So I’m asking you to help out a small business “Greenacres Bargain Shed". If my Amazon links happen to be what you are looking for, you pay the same, your shipping is the same, Amazon gets a little less profit. That small profit will go to Greenacres Bargain Shed for our services of supplying the Amazon script link.

Thank You

Rick Tobert